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The Camping and Caravanning Club has 93 District Accociation’s spread across 13 Regions. East Worcestershire DA falls under the Cambrian & Wyvern Region.

We offer some of the most inexpensive camping available and you’ll always be guaranteed a warm friendly welcome. Our members are welcome to attend any Meet, whether you are a member of our DA or a different DA elsewhere in the country.

East Worcestershire District Association broke away from Worcester & Hereford District Association when it was felt that it was getting too large. So in 1977 East Worcestershire District Association was formed.

This website will give you a good insight into the way caravanners enjoy their weekends. We have weekend rallies that you can join in with if you so wish. Some weekends offer entertainment and are very good to join, however if you wish to have a quiet weekend this is also catered for.

East Worcestershire is a District Association of The Camping and Caravanning Club.
Greenfields House, Westwood Way, Coventry CV4 8JH  Tel: 0845 130 7632

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